About MQash

Africa is at a crossroad. It achieved considerable economic growth and expansion over the past years but the good performance has not translated into significant poverty reduction, mainly due to financial exclusion of a large majority of its young and entrepreneurial population.

MQash’s team works to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth through technology.

Who are we

We are a group of talented African tech pioneers who are putting together our unique African market insight and our collective knowledge to try and move the Fintech industry in Africa by offering our clients digital financial products & services as well as tech-solutions integration.
Our dedicated team provides you with simple, secure and compliant products and services which are tailored to your need.

Our Vision

MQash believes financial inclusion leads to inclusive growth. Financial inclusion is the entry point for people and businesses to access financial services and to transact securely anywhere and anytime.
Access to a payment platform and myriad of financial services increases productivity and sets in motion a virtuous circle of poverty reduction and inclusive growth.
MQash’s team works closely with its partners and B-to-B clients to deliver day-in and day-out robust and innovative solutions thereby achieving the promise of a broader financial inclusion in Africa.

Our Social Engagement

In today’s Big Data era, technology and data sharing are opening new opportunities to develop knowledge, insights and innovation that benefit everyone.
We are unlocking the power of technology to advance social good mainly through our commitment to both women and youth education.


Join our team of Experts to deliver the financial inclusion in Africa

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